Al Vecio Bragosso. Seafood restaurant in Venice.


Fish, fish yet. All ‘Osteria al Vecio Bragosso the wonderful marine product comes in many variations, always giving the best of himself. Delicacies that take shape in high-level courses while keeping an eye on the quality. All in a very particular context where the bride hospitality, professionalism in a winning partnership. Here everything has the taste of sea life from the recipes proposed to the photos on the walls, the objects on display. A succession of deep emotions awaits guests who arrive in this place very typical, where is inevitable to leave the heart too. It takes its name from the typical boat used by the fishermen of Chioggia until the first World War, the so-called “Bragosso”, this delicious local Venetian. Yes, because the owners Carlo and Giuliano were able to perfectly recreate the ambience, furnishings and style of the charm of the old fishermen and the world that there was around.


The Osteria Al Vecio Bragosso is a space to live, to be discovered, to be savored in a crescendo of emotions. The photographs, pipes and all the curiosities on display are authentic, as is the next fishermen vow is special wooden tablets where daredevils sea, returned home safely after having averted the peroicolo, did the play ‘ It happened. And so, in a typical seaside, warm and welcoming, it’s nice to indulge precise and impeccable services with a friendly staff are always available to meet any type of demand. It feels at ease, pampered and spoiled from start to finish. Ben knows the many regulars who come back with great pleasure in this beautiful inn to enjoy a tasty and surprising kitchen where only sovereign and uncontested is he: the fish. All dishes revolve around this extraordinary product, versatile and genuine son of the sea. At vecio bragosso arrives fresh to be made into wonderful creations that, while maintaining a strong link with tradition, you know renewed and enjoy some happy foray into the modern. There really are spoiled for choice. The appetizers are the triumphant overture: raw shrimp, oysters, clams, sea bass carpaccio, tuna, swordfish, salmon marinated with orange, lemon and olive oil spider crab, scallops, razor clams, gray shrimp with polenta, sardines in sauce and cod fish. Deliciously tickled the palate you are preparing to enjoy both our main courses, one more of the other good: scallops and porcini pappardelle, crepes radicchio and scampi, spaghetti with black cuttlefish, with seafood, with tuna sauce, seafood risotto, tagliolini spider crab, until you reach researched recipes like daisies to bragosso (the ravioli stuffed fish), noodles oysters and leeks, or a rich fish soup.

Fish Specialties


It is a meeting of flavors and aromas that vibrate in a harmonious orchestration of flavors leaving happily satisfied. And the second courses are already there that invite to tasting in a succession of delicacies ranging from mixed seafood grill, to various types of fried foods, such as soft shell crab, the tuna steak, scampi and prawns, bream, the sole or sea bass grilled, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, the superfine tidbits of incovercià monkfish, enhanced with balsamic vinegar to go with delicious turbot baked or grilled. Without forgetting the exquisite typical as the cod, cuttlefish with polenta and the ‘grilled eel, fried or stewed. Last but not least, do not miss the delicious cakes of the house, which is best expressed in ciosota, with carrots and radishes, but does not hesitate to enjoy a sublime moment with velvety desserts. All expertly created by the skillful chef Claudio, Michael and Nicholas.


But you know, there is no lunch or dinner that you respect that it is not accompanied by good wine. And even in this case, the tavern is missing: our professional sommeliers are able to recommend the right combinations. Nectars range from classical Friulian wines of Collio, those dry and fruity most of the Venetian, the best national labels. In short, a wide range to suit all tastes, including excellent grapes. If someone does not appreciate the cuisine of fish, no problem, Al Vecio Bragosso has thought of that. In fact, they are offered appetizers, pasta and meat or other ingredients often recurring in the Italian tradition. And among a forkful, a sip of wine and a chat with the waiters Manuel, Alberto, Germano, Henry always ready to satisfy the needs of guests under the supervision of the owners, time flows peacefully, while Venice is outside waiting with his both timeless and serene.


Located in a tourist and transit area, it is very easy to get to ‘Hosteria Al Vecio Bragosso.  The restaurant is always open, from 12 to 15 and from 18.30 to 22.30 all year. Ideal for a lunch with friends or a romantic evening to the rhythm of delights, it is the perfect setting for banquets or dinners.


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Cannaregio 4386, 30131 Venezia, Italy